Gardens of Impressario - a painting idyll in your interior

Ornante's principle is always to follow art in its projects. Contemporary fresco originates from the idea of receiving art in a large format. For this reason, we would like to present you the latest author's collection of Ornante 'Gardens of the Masters'.

The idyllic design of the collection is a combination of the characteristic style for Ornante along with references to the theme of the garden in painting. Each of our graphics was created as an impulse caused by a specific work of an artist. We wanted to invite the beauty of nature into the interior, giving it a note of elegance. The new collection contains several subtle suggestions that can easily complement interiors in a variety of ways.

When designing our graphics, we tried to weave the most recognizable floral motifs into a delicate background pattern, taking into account the characteristic structure of the modern fresco. The proposed graphics include floristic accents associated with water lilies, mallows, astras and roses. A keen observer will easily notice the details of the fauna - birds or dragonflies, as well as interestingly incorporated, small fragments of architecture. All these graphic concepts, combined with sublime colors, are characterized by a delicate background ornamentation that harmonizes perfectly with the noble texture of the plaster of a modern fresco.

Verona Oro, VeronaArento, VeronaRame – inspiration „Italian Park” Aleksander Gierymski    

Pergola, Rosae – inspiration „In the conservatory” Olga Boznańska

Piovene, Lante Luce, Lante Pesante – inspiration „Bodiaki” Jan Stanisławski

Liberato – inspiration Botanical sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci

Borghese, Landriana, PaisioCarlotta – inspiration „Strange Garden” Józef Mahoffer

Liliana, Arcadia – inspiration „Nenufary” Claude Monet

Visconti - inspiration „Flower polychromes” Stanisław Wyspiański

Bardini - inspiration „Saint Agnieszka” Jacek Malczewski

Patterns from the "Gardens of the Masters" collection, referring to well-known and recognizable painting motifs, will allow “smuggling” a bit of artistry into the interiors that we are currently arranging.

Delicate and diverse colors can translate into livening up the space that surrounds us or will become an inspiration to introduce a more varied color palette.

A mixture of styles, as well as inspiration taken from nature, is still a trend that we gladly choose in furnishing. We encourage you to experiment in search of your unique style with Ornante. Our latest collection "The Gardens of the Masters" is specifically created for unconventional arrangements.