The golden age of the fresco

Ornante restores the classicist splendor to painting. Thanks to the unique and patented technology, we can manually produce any fresco for you. The fresco concept allows you to play with a plaster texture and tempts with possible applications - at home, on the balcony or terrace, in the kitchen, bathroom or on the facade of the building. The uniqueness of this product allows us to externalize every concealed idea, without restrictions to the patterns imposed by mass production. Each meter of Ornante handicraft is a guarantee of high quality and passion to let the walls speak for themselves.

The production process of Ornante frescoes relies on the manual formation of the plaster structure, which is similar to the texture of the wall it is irregular and rough. Any graphic motif, favorite painting or inspirational graphic, is applied to the prepared plaster layer. The Ornante fresco is flexible, so it can be rolled up, easily transported and installed on any wall like a wallpaper. With Ornante fresco you can give both the internal walls and the facade of the building an artistic taste and allow yourself to succumb to delusion that your wall was painted by the master at your request - just like in Renaissance Florence.

Characteristic texture of the plaster, strength and resistance, multiple ways of application in any environment and weather conditions. Resistance to long-lasting moisture, frost, UV rays, short-term friction, no limitations on dimensions and graphic motifs, ecological components, handicraft-based manufacturing and finally customization of production according to the client's guidelines - all this gives the impression that the Ornante frescoes open a completely new dimension in the field of wall decoration.

"Ornante frescos is a work of art with which you can commune on a daily basis."

The Ornante Team